Global warming has become an increasingly serious problem, triggering demands for reducing the use of coal, one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

However, many people around the world still lack a stable supply of electricity in daily life. To meet their needs at an affordable cost, coal-fired electricity remains essential for the time being.

NYK IDEMITSU Green Solutions Co., Ltd. aims to achieve sustainable global growth and to solve social problems through various activities such as reducing CO2 emissions both in Japan and overseas and improving energy efficiency, leveraging Japan's advanced coal-related technologies.

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ULTY-V plus boiler combustion control system

The ULTY-V plus is designed to reduce fuel consumption by 0.5 to 1.5% by additional installation on an existing boiler control system. This completely self-contained system performs self-measurement, self-analysis, and self-diagnosis in a series of operations utilizing AI to achieve the optimum operation of coal-fired boilers used in power and other plants. The system also has optional functions: (1) an efficiency and economics program, and (2) an efficiency and economics evaluation by brand.
We will continue to visualize plant operation and fuel management by analyzing operation data accumulated in the ULTY-V plus, leveraging IoT technology.


Applicable to a wide range of boilers from the pulverized coal-fired type to the Circulating Fluidized Bed type.
The plant itself need not be remodeled; the system can be easily connected to existing DCS.
It significantly helps to stabilize plant controllability, improve boiler efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Effects of introduction

Enables boilers to maintain a stable combustion cycle with the optimum fuel flow rate achieved by correction signals from the ULTY-V plus.
Prevents excessive fuel injection due to pressure fluctuations by maintaining a stable combustion cycle for a long time, thereby reducing the rate of fuel consumption.

Achieves stable operation and reduces energy losses.

Improves main steam pressure controllability.

Improves fuel flow rate controllability.

Reduces coal consumption.

Reduces CO2 emissions.

Stabilizes steam temperature.

Reduces exhaust gas temperature.

Reduces unburned carbon residue in ash.

Over 100 units have been installed in domestic and overseas plants!

Control consulting

For manual operation of the control terminals, air-fuel ratio control or the boiler master, we perform calculations for improving necessary control systems and propose circuit configurations before introducing the ULTY-V plus.

New technology development

We also carry out design and development to meet customer needs by leveraging our know-how and experience with the ULTY-V plus, and obtain patents for new technologies.

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